Cindy tantalises as slay queens ‘die’ in Bebe Cool arms

Bebe Cool on stage taking on a comedian

A magnetic performance from Gagamel big boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool’s hit songs left revellers asking for more at UMA show grounds in Lugogo on Thursday night.

Comedy Store Uganda boss Alex Muhangi and his Nigerian guest comedian Klint Da Drunk practically filled the venue to the brim.

You can’t fault the people from the audience that joined Bebe Cool on stage. They just love him.

One of the comedians took it upon himself to shake his body wildly in competition with Bebe as her performed on stage.

Victoria University

Then all of a sudden, a random city slay queen jumped onto the stage, literary wrapped herself tightly around the rastaman and stuck on him like glue.

While Zuena Kirema watched with awe, Bebe pulled out his handkerchief and wiped the sweating girl’s forehead.

When she finally let go, another slay queen took up her position and magically died in Bebe Cool’s tender arms.

The audience ululated and cheered him on.

Bebe joins the audience

Bebe then jumped off stage, into the sitting revellers to get up-close with his fans in the audience.

While we may agree to disagree on the fact that Cindy Sanyu is a talented musician, her performance was something to behold.

Cindy Sanyu doing her thing

The “King herself” Cindy Sanyu tantalized revellers. It was magical, it was magnetic.

The Nigerian comedian cracked revellers’ ribs with a joke about flying on RwandAir and aircrafts versus witchcraft.

 “As Uganda has air craft, Nigeria has witch craft,” Klint pulled out a sleek rhyming tongue-twister.



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