UJA boss Kazibwe returns, says was poisoned

Uganda Journalists Association [UJA] President Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira [L]

Uganda Journalists Association [UJA] President Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira has returned from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi where he was undergoing treatment.

The NBS television host says he was poisoned and doctors confirmed it.

Here is his statement:

MY SECOND CHANCE: Coming Home Stronger.

Victoria University

All praise is to the Almighty Allah under whose watch our protection & sustenance is derived.

It’s by His Grace and Mercy that ME and YOU are giving testimony to the countless blessings that come with being alive, for another day.

Dear family, friends and fans, am writing this with a strong mind and spirit whose body has been taken to the edge of death only to be saved by the Master of our Destiny-Allah.

It’s been 18 Excruciatingly painful days of coming face to face with death itself. The confirmed cause? Lethal Poisoning. Why? The doers will answer to their Lord.

My Doctors at a Nairobi Hospital have advised that am to keep on medication for the next six months with a physical medical review and re-examination every month.

“These fools have killed me” are words attributed to one of the gallant sons of Uganda whose life ended in a mystery.

BannaUganda Banange, even when the times before us are very dark, never should we lose hope in what we believe in as a nation and as a generation;A free, just and progressive Uganda. At least we should be encouraged by the kiganda saying ” Ekikute Obudde….kiributa”

To my colleagues in the media industry under #UJA, this is another tough reminder of what is on the other side of our job, but we should never give up, since we all know that the pen is mightier than a gun.

To the Ugandan community in the Diaspora:

I will until my last breath respect your courage and love towards those of us whose boots are on the ground. Banange mwebare. Ebyaddala mutulaze omukwano. By standing with us even when you are thousands of miles away, Uganda should feel proud of having a patriotic people in you. Mwebare nyo.

My loving family, thanks for all the care & support to see that am back to my feet, though am worried, but kindly take this: I ceased to be yours alone long ago, the world owns a share of me now. Our family is growing bigger And am now going further in the woods to pave a road for our nation’s next generation.

To my loyal listeners, viewers and followers; Nanyini Work Basiiiiiri akomawo kutandikira weyakoma anti Tebatuwona Ku luno Zhooooou!

The events surrounding my life have made my resolute firm and high in spirit to stick to what matters most in my career as a journalist; Speaking truth to power, Speaking for the voiceless, Standing tall in nation transformation and building. Take these away and take my whole. You can never!!

In the coming days, I will be sharing with you part of what happened and how these scary events unfolded to this moment.

Bobi Wine’s Situka Tutambule song comes handy not just to me but to all of us as a Generation since the fire that burns inside us is far greater than the fire we walk through. Let’s rise up and match in pursuit of a better society.

Banange mwebare nyo omukwano n’obuwagizi, naye okusingiraddala:

Mwebare Kunsabira.


What Doesn’t Kill you….

Haj Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira



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