Meet Rahman, 6, the ‘Fresh Kid of Lake Victoria waters’

Bakru Mpagi Rahman,6, sits on his father’s speed boat

Bakru Mpagi Rahman is a Primary One [P.1] pupil of Muniira Junior School located along Salaama Road- Munyonyo Kampala District near Lwasa stage.

His father Ali Tambula owns several speed boats which he used to eke a living at Mulungu beach in Munyonyo.

He started speed boat racing at a tender age and by six years now, Rahman is an expert driver and the star of the surrounding beaches.

Ali Tambula, the father of the sta

Tambula on Sunday told that he sometimes makes up to Shs500,000 a day from driving revellers who go to beach islands to party in weekends.

Victoria University

He usually drives partiers to beaches like Bulago, Kalangala, Ssese, Mutora, Lagoon, Mutima, Yellow Banana, Busabala of MP Bobi Wine, KK and Beach House, among others.

He told that his son Rahman likes boat racing and learnt it from him.

He wants the boy to join aquatic sports when he grows up.

But when asked what he wants to become in the future, Rahman told us “Policeman”. That is all.

Call him the “Fresh Kid” of Lake Victoria waters, Rahman is a force to reckon with.

This reporter found the six-year-old boy entrapping an elated crowd on Sunday June 16, 2019 with skilful turns and twists with his father’s boat.

The crowd roared and cheered as the baby [practically] raced and performed several antics and stunts to their merriment.

At some point, while cruising with his father on the speed boat, Rahman fell in the water throwing his audience into a panic.

While they surged forward fearing the boy had drowned, Rahman gently and confidently glided over the waves and sailed across back to his boat.

At the end of the entertaining moments, he requested this reporter to buy him a life-jacket which he received with a wide smile.

His father Tambula says the entire family including his wife know how to sail a boat across the waters of Uganda’s biggest lake.

Rahman surprises a smile after receiving his new life-jacket

Mulungu beach, a paradise for revellers?

Located adjacent city mogul Sudhir Ruparelia’s Munyonyo resort, Mulungu on Sundays is a place of church goers and partiers alike.

One side of its parking space is occupied by a makeshift church.

Revellers eating their fish and drinking beside the lake

At the extreme end towards the water’s edge, is a spot for marijuana smokers and khat [mairungi] eaters which they buy from stalls of khat traders just opposite the church.

Cheap sex, cheap liquor highlights the nocturnal life as revellers breathe in a cool fresh breeze from Lake Victoria.

The kitchens where the fish is fried from

Moving from an improvised wooden platform used by Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II when he is flagging off the Buganda canoe regatta, you get to the stalls where they sell all sizes of fish.

The Nile perch is the common fish fried at the various makeshift kitchens behind lockup shops which act as bars, restaurants or alcohol and soft drink depots.

In the kitchens, women of different ages can be seen peeling Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes and cash as men help them fry or serve the fish to waiting customers.

The most favourite dish is Akabelo or Kabelo, a katogo/ mixture of fish boiled with matooke and Irish potatoes sometimes with ghee.

Rahman and his father were raised here

After revellers have parted with between Shs15,000 to Shs20,000 for the fish depending on its size, that is when Tambula comes in with a boat ride.

A boat ride ranges from as low as Shs5,000 to Shs10,000 during the weekdays, while during the weekends, because of demand, a boat ride starts from Shs10,000 per head.

Tambula has been a boat man at the island for over 20 years and has obviously mastered this game.

“I want to be able to set up a garage to repair boats in the future. I also want to buy more boats and serve my growing number of customers,” he told



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