Stealing from the sick: Uganda life-saving drugs stolen, sold


The BBC has uncovered evidence that life-saving drugs meant for the sick have been stolen and sold on illegally.

Africa Eye has been undercover in Uganda to expose how some health workers there are at the heart of criminal networks.

In an article titled: “Prescription drugs sold illegally in Uganda”, the investigation exposes medical workers who are “Stealing from the Sick”.

NBS television journalist Solomon Sserwanja was even arrested while carrying out this investigation.

Sserwanja talking to press
Victoria University

Speaking on the outcomes Monday, Sserwanja said hospitals make requisitions from the stories, the problem starts right there because the mandate of National Medical Stores [NMS] is to deliver the drugs.

“They don’t ask any further questions. The problem is in the accountability of the drugs,” he said.

“You have to applaud government because they managed to identify that we were dealing in an illegal drug sale. Our cases are still open, but hope they are dropped because the story has aired.”

Scores of MPs joined the public in expressing their dismay towards the theft of government drugs as revealed by the “#NBSInvestigates special #StealingFromTheSick”.

James Kaberuka, MP Kinkizi West, said safety is a vacuum and morality is at its lowest.

He wants government to look into this, look at a situation where the person doing the investigation is arrested.

“The government should determine what it wants this country to be, as legislators we have to bring a bill to ensure that government responds to this.”



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