No Ebola in Mbarara, says health ministry


Some sections of the media are awash with rumours of ‘Ebola in Mbarara District.’

The Ministry of Health says there is NO confirmed case of Ebola in Mbarara District.

The Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital does not have any patient admitted in the ETU at the moment.

As of today, Uganda has not registered any new confirmed Ebola case in Kasese District or any other part of Uganda since the last registered case four days ago.

Victoria University

There are 2 new suspect cases who are under isolation at Bwera ETU.

Blood samples were withdrawn from the suspect cases and sent to Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) for testing and results are pending.

Currently, 92 contacts to the confirmed Ebola cases in Kagando and Bwera are being followed up daily.

Ring vaccination of contacts of the confirmed Ebola cases, as well as non-vaccinated frontline health and other workers, commenced on Saturday 15th June 2019.

As of Monday 17th June, a total of 128 contacts and non-vaccinated Frontline and health have been vaccinated.

There are 3 total confirmed cases of Ebola who include; 5 year index case from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), his 50 year old grandmother both who passed on at Bwera ETU and the 3 year old boy, brother to the index case who tested positive for Ebola and was under isolation at Bwera ETU passed on in DRC.

In addition, the Ministry of Health would like to note that it has received clearance from Uganda National Council for Science and Technology and National Drug Authority (NDA) to bring therapeutic treatment for Ebola patients into the country.

The current therapeutic approach to EVD has focused on the implementation of experimental strategies including convalescent plasma and monoclonal antibodies; and testing compounds that inhibit the entry and fusion of Ebola virus into target cells or possess viral polymerase enzyme inhibitory activity.

“Finally, we would like to reassure International travellers that Uganda is safe and all our national parks and tourist sites remain open and accessible to the public.”

“We appeal to the public and malicious individuals to desist from spreading false rumours about the Ebola outbreak generally and on social media.”



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