Cabinet notes city floods, approves transition policy

Ofwono Opondo, Media Centre director

Cabinet Sat on Monday June 17th at State House Entebbe, and approved the National Transitional Policy.

The objectives of the Policy are; to address the gaps in the formal Justice system for post conflict situations; to formalize the use of traditional justice mechanism in post conflict situations; to address gaps in the current amnesty process; to facilitate reparation processes and programmes and to facilitate reconciliation and Nation Building.

Cabinet noted the State of Flooding in Kampala and the interventions being undertaken by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to address the drainage challenges and floods in Kampala.

Cabinet approved the use of Eprinomectin for sustainable Management of Ticks, Tick-borne Disease and Tick Resistance to Acaricides in the country.

Victoria University

The main purpose of this approval is to provide an emergency solution to ticks, tick-borne disease and tick resistance to acaricides challenges in the 31 worst affected Districts.



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