Zanie Brown: I’m not in love with Chris Evans

Zanie Brown

Diva Zanie Brown says there is no love chemistry between her and singer Chris Evans.

She says he is more like a brother to her, while responding to Chris Evan’s love letter to her.

Appearing on Spark TV, the light-skinned artist appreciated Chris Evans’s compliments and urged fans to always compliment where it is deserved.

On June 7, Evans penned what he called “My Letter To Zanie Brown” and shared it on Facebook.

Victoria University

Dear Zanie Brown, the island of beauty.

Today I’ve come out publicly to appreciate u for d fact dat u r the most beautiful artist among all the female artists in Uganda

With or without makeup u are extremely pretty, how u do it, I don’t know.


Let me inform u today that whichever photo u upload on social media, I download and keep in my gallery for future reference.

The rest of the female artists are beautiful but I think they are also aware that ur beauty is extraordinary.

I’m sure that even if u were dark in colour, u would still remain adorable, dazzling, delightful and fascinating.

Nice weekend.

Brown responded on the same day:  

Thank you my brother for appreciating mi @Chris Evans Kaweesi.



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