Dr Aceng decries false Ebola social media news

Dr Jane Aceng addressing press

Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister for Health, has reached out to journalists, health workers and the general public to stop sharing wrong messages circulating on social media and other media platforms about the current Ebola outbreak.

“I appeal to you all please desist from spreading false rumours about Ebola on Social Media and other media platforms,” she said over the weekend.

“Ebola is not something to joke with, it kills. Your irresponsible reporting can cause unnecessary panic among the population and greatly affect our response.”

Aceng said the Ministry of Health has spokespeople, the Director General and the Minister for Health who keep the population informed on a very regular basis “and I believe we are doing it very well. We do so after blood of all suspect cases have been analysed and given to us”.

Victoria University

Those wrongly informing the public have no access to this information. She appealed to the public to ignore all information from social media if it does not quote the Director General or the Minister of Health and these should only be on the authentic platforms.

“Please follow the example of our numerous partners who have access to information but leave the reporting to MoH. Even the DHO Kasese who has information knows the people with Authority to report.”

“I really must appreciate our partners and Kasese District Local Government for their professionalism. Once again I kindly appeal to all Ugandans to desist from such irresponsible behaviour.”



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