CID investigates Bajjo for plot to oust Museveni

Bajjo being dragged away by Presidential Protection Guards [PPG]

The Special Investigation Directorate under the Criminal Investigations Directorate [CID] has taken over inquiries into the case of incitement to violence through social media by a one Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo Events.

The case relates to the comments he made in “Luganda” local language and circulated online.

When translated, Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo events warns H.E. The President of their plans to oust him before the year 2021, and further warns the military of similar plans to oust the President, and indicates with confidence how he had people backing him.

The suspect consciously ran the risk of being charged for inciting violence, treason or misprision of treason, since the law protects the honour of the President as a democratically elected leader.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga
Victoria University

“The Security Forces wish to warn all individuals and groups, that posting videos glorifying violence using undemocratic means is an infringement on the law,” said CP Enanga Fred, Police Spokesperson.

“We therefore, advise the public not to share such videos. As law enforcement agencies, we also pledge to work constructively with all stakeholders to understand the dangers of incitement to violence.”

“We are also aware of attempts by those who patronize the suspect to divert the attention of the public and investigators from the major investigation, by dragging the person of the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP), into the arrest of Andrew Mukasa.”

“The investigations will continue and the suspect will be handled in accordance with the laws of the country.”



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