Africa is wealthy but poverty all around us, says Museveni

Museveni holding a conversation with locals

President Museveni on Sunday apoke to the people of Katakwi at Obulengero Primary School grounds, Okulonyo Sub-county, Usuk County.

“This sub-county gave the NRM the highest number of votes in Teso sub-region in the 2016 elections, reason I came to thank its residents,” Museveni said.

This area was a frontline when Karimojong raiders came to rustle cattle.

The NRM government managed to stop that criminality and the raids are no more. Teso is fully pacified and at peace.

Victoria University

This peace has enabled the government undertake development projects like building roads, extending electricity, among others, the president noted.

He said development is not enough if individuals do not improve their own incomes and livelihoods.

“I want you to abandon subsistence farming and embrace commercial agriculture, which is profitable and will give you higher incomes. Use the developments like roads, water, electricity to improve your incomes.”


On Friday, he held a lengthy discussion with your leaders in Soroti.

“I have tasked them to come to you and explain how we should create wealth. Listen to them and together let’s implement what you agree on. The government will support you.”


On Saturday, he launched the extension of the ICT backbone in Katakwi District.

This is an extension of the Phase IV national backbone infrastructure connectivity project that I recently launched in Koboko District, run by NITA-Uganda.

He also launched a revamped ICT laboratory at Ongongoja Secondary School in Usuk Sub-County.

This will enable students benefit from e-learning services installed by NITA Uganda and UNICEF.

Among the services installed include Kolibri, an educational software that provides world class content for students, plus examination simulators for a smooth learning curve of all students at Ongongoja Secondary School.

On Friday, he continued with the wealth and job creation sensitisation drive, holding a meeting with leaders drawn from the nine districts of Teso sub-region at Soroti University grounds.

Even when Africa is wealthy in terms of natural resources, there is a lot of poverty around us.

This is largely because our people have failed to transition from traditional lifestyles and adopt to the demands of modern times.

For instance 65 percent of our people are still stuck in subsistence agriculture.

In the past, this was okay but with advances in economies, it is no longer tenable since it cannot earn them enough income to meet the needs of modernity.

It is therefore the duty of every leader to teach people how to practice commercial agriculture.

“Leaders should show the people the way because you are a socio-political doctor. You diagnose the challenges your people face and offer solutions.”

“Take this message and demonstrate its practicability to our people in the villages. Also caution them against land fragmentation. Let us only share proceeds from the land, not the land itself.”



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