Sudan court summons Bashir on graft crimes


By France 24

Omar al-Bashir, former Sudanese president, deposed by the army after a wide protest movement, will answer to justice of corruption. The Attorney General of Sudan said Saturday he will appear the week of June 17.

Omar al-Bashir will appear in court next week,” said Sudanese Attorney General Al-Walid Sayyed Ahmed on Saturday , without specifying the date of the hearing.

The former president of Sudan, initially pushed by a large protest movement, dismissed on April 11 and arrested by the army (who has been in power since), is due to appear next week in court to answer accusations of corruption and illegal possession of foreign currency.

On Thursday, 14 June, Sudan’s official SUNA news agency reported, citing an unidentified official, that Sudan’s former strongman was charged with “possessing foreign currency, gaining wealth illegally and illegally, and to have ordered (the state) emergency “.

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The prosecutor added that the investigation against the former president was over.

High level of corruption

Last April, the head of the Transitional Military Council (currently in power) said that the equivalent of more than $ 113 million had been seized in cash at the residence of the former head of state in Khartoum. . Sum shared between Sudanese pounds, dollars and euros.

It was after a coup that Omar al-Bashir seized power in 1989. Under his regime, Sudan experienced a high level of corruption. The country is also ranked 172nd out of 180 in Transparency International’s 2018 Corruption Perception Index.

Murder of protesters

Moreover, in addition to the charge of corruption, the deposed president is also being prosecuted for the killings of protesters during the crackdown on the country’s protests in December 2018 , after the government tripled the price of bread.

A move that the regime had tried to curb by imposing a state of emergency on 22 February.

Among other things, according to the Prosecutor General of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir will also have to justify himself on suspicions of money laundering and “financing of terrorism “.

The prosecution has revealed that it has investigated 41 charges against former “symbols of the fallen regime”, most of them related to “possession of land” offenses.



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