Abenakyo wants Fameica’s ‘my woman’ song banned

Fik Fameica's song must be banned

Activists have petitioned Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to ensure local radios and televisions do away with local rapper Walukagga Shafik better known by his stage name Fik Fameica’s song “My Woman Is My Property”.

The youth activists led by Miss World Africa, Quinn Abenakyo, were petitioning Kadaga on Friday at Africana hotel to expedite the passing of the Sexual Offences Bill to curb child marriage.

They asked her to urge government to ban the airing of the song Fik Fameica which they say presents women as property, chapati and yoghurt and thus lowers their position in the society.

The ‘Girls Get Equal Campaign in Uganda’ is spear headed by Plan Uganda and is geared at fostering rights and equal treatment of girls.

Victoria University

Fatia Naigaga, from Kamuli, descried the torture and murder of girls; the use of demeaning language in reference to girls by males, especially adults; and the commoditisation of females by the media.

This correlated with Kama Ivien Management’s best ugaflow rapper, the Fresh Bwoy Fameica’s song “My woman is my property”.

Released in 2018, the song which is mastered, produced and engineered by Artin Pro now in Jahlive Studios is a song that shook airwaves with a video he shot in Miami, Florida by CTBC Media.



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