WHO readies team to contain Ebola in Uganda

Dr Jane Aceng addressing press

The minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng‏ says Uganda has been in preparedness mode ever since the Ebola outbreak was declared in DR Congo.

“Now, we move into response mode. Please cooperate with our health, immigration and security officials to ensure effective screening to prevent spread of Ebola to other parts of the country,” she told press on Tuesday night.

On the same day, the ministry confirmed Ebola outbreak in Kasese District.

The confirmed case is a 5 year-old boy who has been admitted and isolated at Bwera Hospital Ebola Treatment Unit as he undergoes further management.

Victoria University

The ministry and World Health Organisation [WHO] will begin ring vaccination against Ebola of contacts of the case and frontline health and other workers on Friday 14th June 2019.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, said WHO is setting up a rapid response team together with the Health ministry to prevent further spread of the disease.

“I commend the ministry of Health for responding quickly to the identification of a case of Ebola,” Tedros said.

He noted that Uganda has experience managing Ebola and has been preparing for months for this eventuality.

“This kind of experience and preparedness is vital to prevent the further spread of the virus.”

Uganda has vaccinated nearly 4,700 health workers in 165 health facilities – including the facility where the infected child is being cared for – as part of their preparedness for a possible imported Ebola case during the current outbreak in DRC.

Dr Maggie Kigozi‏ said the ministry has always effectively addressed outbreaks.

“We wish you success with the dangerous Ebola outbreak. Please keep us informed as you are doing.”

Uganda Red Cross Society has intensified surveillance and screening at all boarder points and in communities, since August 2018.

“We commit to continued heightened and intensified vigilance.”



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