I’ll start farming in Karamoja- Museveni

Museveni in Karamoja

President Museveni on Tuesday met leaders of Karamoja sub-region at Boma Grounds in Naitakwai, Moroto Municipality to familiarise them with his wealth creation agenda, so they can ably relay it to wanainchi.

“Just like I have said elsewhere; having peace, infrastructural development is not enough, we must add household income.”

He urged the people of Karamoja to abandon subsistence or farming for the stomachs.

“The persistent issue in Karamoja region now is water. We are going to solve this completely.”

“The minister (for Karamoja) tells me that one dam would cost about Shs6b. Let us build at least 20 big dams to deal with the water problem here.”

Once there is enough water, farming will be much easier to commercialise, then introduce dairy cows so people can sell milk and earn, Museveni said.

“We must get ourselves from these manyattas (grass thatched houses). Having manyattas then it rains and you stay awake all night is not living, it is surviving.”

He added: “So we must build better houses, and this is only possible when we abandon our subsistence methods of farming and make money to impact our lives positively. Stop farming for the stomach, stop nomadism.”

“I will start doing some farming here (in Karamoja) myself so that I challenge you.”



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