Namaganda wants Shs200m, Ochola told to arrest Kyaligonza

Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza

Mukono Chief Magistrate Juliet Hantanga has ordered the Inspector General of Police Okoth Ochola to arrest Rtd Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza for ignoring court summons.

Kyaligonza who is accused of assaulting a traffic officer on duty, was supposed to appear in court yesterday [Monday] but never turned up.

Last month, the court issued a warrant of arrest for Kyaligonza and his two bodyguards; Cpl Peter Busindiche and Private John Okurut, on the request of Senior State Attorney Jonathan Muwaganya.

The deadline for their appearance is June 24 for plea taking but Kyaligonza’s lawyers maintain he is being tried at the General Court Martial in Makindye and cannot therefore be in Mukono Court.

Victoria University

Jamir Mukama said they filed a case in High Court challenging proceedings in Mukono court and also quash a warrant of arrest issued against their clients.

But State Attorney Muwaganya says Kyaligonza’s name is not on the charge sheet in the case before the army court because he is retired from the army.

Namaganda files case, demands Shs200m

On Monday, the assaulted officer Esther Namaganda filed a separate case in the High Court Civil Division seeking compensation of more than Shs200m.


Gen Kyaligonza is alleged to have assaulted Namaganda on February 24, 2019 in Seeta, Mukono District.

His aides are facing three charges of common assault, obstructing a police officer and assault causing bodily harm.

In her suit, Namaganda is seeking to recover over Shs1m as special damages, Shs200m as general and punitive damages for the injuries, physiological and psychological trauma and inconveniences, embarrassment as a result of the alleged assault.

Namaganda states that on February 24, 2019 while she was on duty at Seeta controlling traffic flow from Kampala to Mukono with the help of her two colleagues – police constable Solomon Nkubito and William Ariku- suddenly a car belonging to Rtd Maj Gen Kyaligonza coming from Kampala approached her and indicated that it was going back to Kampala implying that the driver was making a U-turn that was forbidden by law.

She further narrates that the defendant’s driver insisted on making the illegal U-turn to which she signalled to him to make a proper turn at Kobil fuel station but they defied.

Kyaligonza’s aides jumped out of the car and assaulted the plaintiff by holding her collar in a bid to get her off the road all at the watch of the the Ugandan ambassador to Burundi.

A scuffle ensued for about five minutes where Kyaligonza also came out of his car, insulted he cop calling her “stupid sergeant” and then grabbed the her line yard which tore off two buttons from her blouse exposing her chest and this inflicted pain on her left breast.

Namaganda says that as a result of the said assault, she was embarrassed, sustained severe headache, pain in the eye and ear thus proceeding to undergo treatment.

She asserts that she underwent various medical examination and scans from various hospitals which included; International Hospital Kampala (IHK), International Diagnostic Centre (IDC), Shine International Medical and Surgical Centre where she received treatment of the injuries at her cost and inconveniences all occasioned by the defendant and his aides.



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