Kagame in Gabon, meets Ali Bongo

President Kagame meets with President Ali Bongo Ondimba and addresses the press at Palais de la Rénovation

Rwanda President Paul Kagame on Monday evening arrived in Libreville, Gabon to meet with President Ali Bongo Ondimba.

At Palais de la Renovation, Kagame addressed the press saying he was happy to find time to be in Gabon and continue on the path of strengthening bilateral relations between Gabon and Rwanda.

“It gives me an opportunity to visit with my colleague who has not been feeling well. I am glad that there is significant improvement to his health that has led to the resumption of his responsibilities.”

Kagame said in the African way, people visit friends when it is good times and when it is not so good times.

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He said Gabon has been central to African interests, vision and the strategy to achieve that vision.

Kagame meets Ali Bongo

“President Bongo has been very active working with other leaders on our continent to make sure we raise our level of development,” he told press.

On African Continental Free Trade Area [CFTA], Kagame said they have seen significant progress since inception and have reached the number of countries required to ratify for the agreement to take effect.

He said even the others who have not ratified, it’s not because they are not interested or don’t see the necessity.

Kagame addresses press

“It is just because they have difficulties, whether legal or technical, they need to overcome before they participate.”

On conflicts on the continent, Kagame said: “We are of the view that Africa must work together and cooperate, there is no other way to deal with these problems until we work together.”



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