Gashumba girl Nabukeera lands Bill Gates deal

Aisha Nabukeera

Frank Gashumba’s daughter Aisha Nabukeera has landed a deal as Bill Gates Foundation ambassador to help fight domestic violence globally.

Nabukeera is among 12 young personalities selected as beneficiaries of this year’s Generation Africa programme funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

She announced her selection on social media last Friday saying: “I write on a light note to share with you good news; I was chosen among the 12 people in Africa to be on the Generation Africa cohort.”

“This was a stiff competition where all people on the African continent with inspiring stories which can change and inspire the world participated [in] and indeed I emerged among the lucky 12 people thanks to the Almighty God.”

Victoria University

She went on: “On June 2, I travelled to South Africa-Johannesburg for a Generation Africa training meant to equip us extensively with; communication, technical and interpersonal skills as we embark on a lifetime journey of motivating and inspiring the world, never to give up!”

The programme seeks to help young Africans whose personal experiences have shaped their determination to help others facing challenges across the continent through telling their stories globally.

The winners are trained through a tailored communications and media programme, developed by experts at Thomson Reuters to transform them into global development champions by honing their story-telling skills to enable them inspire change on a universal platform.


In 2006, Nabukeera came to the limelight after she was burnt by her stepmother almost to death. Frank Gashumba pledged to treat and educate her.

In 2009, she joined Horizon College of St Lawrence on a compassion scholarship offered by the school’s proprietor, the late Lawrence Mukiibi.

She completed her O-Level and later joined London College at St Lawrence for her A- Level offering History, Geography, Economics and Sub-Maths.

She then joined Uganda Christian University Mukono for a Bachelor’s degree in Social Works and Social Administration.

She currently runs a foundation, Aisha Nabukeere Foundation, which helps needy children.



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