FDC set for Nebbi poll, slams Museveni budget & medals

FDC Deputy Party Spokesperson John Kikonyogo.

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] is not happy with Members of Parliament who instead of considering people suffering landslides in Bududa district, increased budget for President Museveni.

“Parliament passed a UGX 200billion budget for Mr. Museveni and his family,” FDC Deputy Party Spokesperson John Kikonyogo told press on Monday.

Speaking at FDC offices in Najjankumbi, Kikonyogo said MPs should be considerate to the suffering people of Bududa and Butaleja districts and pass supplementary budgets to help relocate and provide relief to the affected.

He blamed these disasters of government that has destroyed swamps and wetlands which are given to investors to build factories like in Mukono and Namanve areas.

“When it rains, these places flood. You fail to raise Shs80bn for people in Bududa and you give Museveni Shs200bn for his family. Are you stupid?”

Kikonyogo said the president has to cater for the welfare of Ugandans.

Deputy Party Spokesperson John Kikonyogo.

Heroes day medals

He further slammed the President for allegedly dishing out medals to people who did not even fight during the Luweero triangle bush war.

The so called ‘strong’ heroes have now resorted to stealing land from ‘weak’ heroes and its intriguing that the ‘Weak’ heroes are reporting this theft to the very ‘strong’ heroes stealing from them, Kikonyogo noted.

He said the people who got medals on Sunday are coming out of Kasanje Town Council yet this place is now cemetery because of the bush war.

“Those getting medals were sucking their mothers’ breasts when Luweero triangle people were contributing to the NRA bush war.”

“We expect government to pay people and benefit the community. Even those who were enemies then are now in government and getting medals.”

Nebbi election

Kikonyogo said FDC will take part in the Nebbi district by-election and already has a candidate, Vicky Emmanuel, to represent it.

“Our candidate won the case in court. We will take part in that election,” Kikonyogo noted.

In May, High Court in Nebbi district nullified the election and victory of the ruling NRM’s Hashim Rashid as the dully elected Member of Parliament for Nebbi Municipality Constituency.

This followed a successful petition filed by FDC’s Onega Robert which challenged the authenticity of the academic papers of NRM’s Hashim Rashid and rigging.

Justice Ojuko Anthony Ojok agreed with the petitioner Onega Robert and ordered for a by-election in Nebbi Municipality.



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