Top 5 small business investment opportunities in Uganda 2019

Cafe Pap located at Garden City in the capital, Kampala

Looking to start a small business in African countries? Uganda will be the best option for starting a small business.

African region offers various small business opportunities in Uganda. Here we are listing some of the profitable business in Uganda today.

Online Business

Today, you can afford a mobile or computer easily in Uganda. Internet service providers like MTN have considerably reduced service charges. You have more people trying out online casino games with a Betin Uganda promo code than ever before.

Having your own online businesses in Uganda can help you earn more profit for less investment.

Blogging and freelancing opportunities are growing as well, but they aren’t the only ways to make money online. You can open your own eCommerce store, for instance, as well in Uganda.

Food processing

Food and drinks processing is one of the main business sectors in Uganda. Agriculture sector contributes around 25% of the total GDP of the country. This way, food processing has been considered as important business which could be started at low or medium investment but one can get considerable returns.

Most of the food consumed in Uganda is imported. Also, the demand for quality food is increasing nowadays in Uganda.

If one cannot spend much on the initial investment, can start with the Juice Kiosk. Depending on the seasons, fruits can be readily available in the market.

One can sell a glass of Juice at just 2000 UGX depending on the location. There is also a great opportunity in coffee, cocoa and tea business in Uganda.

Coffee is Uganda’s one of the main exported food. Uganda is the third biggest producer of tea after Kenya and Malawi.


This sector is not for small investments. Due to the rapidly increasing population in Uganda, there is a huge opportunity in the real estate and construction field.

Simultaneously, demand for construction products and materials is increasing day by day.

With more than $100000 USD one can start a venture in concrete pipes making or start a business of leasing construction machinery, trucks, mixers, etc.

Coffee Shops

Starting a coffee shop in Uganda will be in profit definitely. The main reason behind this is the growing number of middle-class people.

This group always try to be conscious regarding their lifestyle. Another main reason is the huge production of coffee in the country.

Uganda is one of the top three countries in Africa in coffee production. 6% of the Uganda population relies on coffee processing only.

There is a huge growth in the demand for coffee shop business in Uganda. Proving free Wi-Fi and internet to customers is one of the key features in this business.

The reduced service charges of internet services can lead to more coffee shops to provide free internet access in the coffee shop.

Yes, definitely there are threats of international brands like Starbucks, Coffee Nero and Costa Coffee.

Before investing in this business, one must think of different barriers like frequent power cut problem, the high competition of international franchise, and people mindset of the coffee shop being the place of white people.

Micro Farming

One can start with a small vegetable garden where you can cultivate Carrots, Potatoes, Capsicum, Spinach, Garlic Cucumber, and many more. One can grow and sell these food products in the market.



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