Rwanda writes to Uganda on Katuna border opening

The Katuna border post between Rwanda & Uganda

Rwanda has officially written to Uganda on the temporary re-opening of Katuna/Gatuna border in South Western part of the country.

Ofwono Opondo P’Odel, the government spokesperson, said on Monday that “Uganda has received official letter from the government of Rwanda notifying temporary opening of the border at Katuna closed since February 29”.

Uganda has had no problems but has sought clarification if entry of its goods will be permitted, Opondo noted.

Rwanda Revenue Authority [RRA] said it re-opened Gatuna/Katuna border allowing heavy trucks to provisionally cross between 10th – 22nd June 2019.

Victoria University

“Reference is made to Rwanda transport development agency [RTDA] letter dated 7th June 2019, which expresses the need to carry out trials for the heavy trucks movement at Gatuna OSBP for the period of two weeks.”

Bizimana Ruganintwali Pascal, RRA Commission General, said this will run from today Monday 10th to 22 June “to assess the operationalistion of the constructed works and equipment before the reception of works”. 

But Opondo said Rwanda has been behaving abnormally in the international diplomacy.

“They were not sincere. Those issues should have been raised to the ministry of foreign affairs.”

“If they have legal reasons for those they say are detained in Uganda, let them provide us with information about their whereabouts and we follow up.”

Opondo said Kigali has not been courteous to the government of Uganda and should have written to Uganda first about the Katuna border.

” Let us hope this temporary opening to test will prove good work and no other issue will emerge.”

Rwanda closed the border at the start of March 2019 saying it would embark on reconstruction but later said it was for political reasons.

Gatuna serves Rwandan exporters to Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan, as well as being imports from those countries, including cargo trucks to DRC and Burundi.



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