5 best entertainment apps in Uganda



Uganda, a country where people like live shows and performances more than that of TV shows and music. But many of the people are there who opts for pre-recorded songs and movies.  

It’s as popular as playing online casino games with the bet bonus codes that you get today.

Let us take look at most famous mobile apps that help people reach their required entertainment.

Fezah App

Fezah App is the most famous entertainment app in amongst Uganda people. Fezah is more focused on live entertainment shows and concerts.

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With this app people in Uganda book musicians, bands and DJs available for their next life event on specific date and time.

User can book a live concert for their life events like marriage, name your first child, product launch, or your 50th birthday celebration.

 See a list of musicians and DJs available on the day and time you want.

 Compare performance fees of different musicians and bands.

 Listen to samples of performances before booking.

 You can read previous customers reviews.

 Users can track their booking status from the time the booking has been done to the completion.

The app was launched in the year 2015, for Ugandan and Kenyan Celebrities. On the eve of the 3rd anniversary of the app, they launched Fezah Market Intelligence Suite on 5th June 2018.


The NBS android application is of the famous app in Uganda. To get over the competition NBS television launched their new app. NBS is the first television app to launch a mobile app in east Africa.

The app is free to download from the Google app store. The app brings most of the free TV programs and shows to Uganda people’s phone.

IT is one of the Best apps to stay updated with current affairs, news regarding sports and Entertainment.

User can record their favourite TV shows to watch Later. User can also share the stories on this platform. Key features include NBS Livestream, NBS News, NBS Shows, and Reporting etc.


Ugandan people. Most of them are a fan of live entertainment shows but the majority of people living in urban areas are also a fan of watching movies in cinema halls.

Ugandan people mostly use CineApp. It is free to download and register from Google play. One can register as a guest also.

This app has a listing of major Ugandan Cinemas. People just need to select Cinema of their choice and they will get all scheduled movies, dramas with price and time comparison.

User can also explore upcoming movies & their trailers, latest releases etc. On can also watch TV shows also.

3D Cinema Magic App

3D Cinema Magic is Uganda’s biggest 3D cinema hall located at Metroplex shopping mall in Kampala city.

They launched their mobile app for their customers to take a look daily showtimes, the latest attractions.

People can see upcoming 2D as well as 3D movie trailers in this app.

Sheebah Karungi Music App

Sheebah Karungi is a female artist from Uganda. She is famous in the country for dancing and acting skills.

She has won lot many national music awards for her performances.

Sheebah Karungi Music App is an android app where her fans can see all of her music videos and albums in HD quality.



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