Ibanda: Bamugemereire probes Katarihwa land row

The marital house of Edinance Bariisa which she abandoned over harassment.

The land commission of inquiry has cautioned disputed families in Ibanda district to be vigilant with the way they resolve land disagreements.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire Friday tasked the widow of Yosam Katarihwa to pay off her sisters-in-law who accuse her of grabbing their land.

The family led by Naboth Wamala, the caretaker and heir to the estate, had petitioned the commission accusing Edinance Burisa Katarihwa of selling off their land.

Ms. Edinace Bariisa Katarihwa, who now rents a one-roomed house, got married to the late Yosam Katarihwa in 1959.

Victoria University

She stayed with him for over 40 years before the man died in 1998. The couple did not have children.

Land row

The 80-year old widow from Ndoragi Cell in Nyabuhikye sub-county Ibanda District was chased from her marital home and land by children to the brother of her late husband.

Bariisa says when her husband’s brother a one Sezi Rwabibi died, she brought all the six children and started staying with them in her house until they turned against her.

When their elder brother Naboth Wamara heard that she sold some part of the land, he instructed the chairman LC1 not to append his signature on the sale agreement arguing that the land is his.

Wamara forced her to return the Shs1m she had received from the buyer despite the fact that late Katarihwa left a will showing that the old woman is the rightful owner.

The will dated November 4, 1996 quoted by PML Daily reads:

“Me Yosam Katarihwa on the day of November 4, 1996, I have decided to gift my properties as follows, my house and all contained therein, are for my wife, my whole land and all is contained there is for my wife, for the cows there is one that was for Naboth Wamala but others are for my wife, the four people that my wife (Edinance) will always seek advice from Naboth Wamara, Joseph Kasabunga, A. Kahuka and Martin Tushabe.”

Despite the will, Wamara grabbed the land. He went on radio and put adverts that no one should buy this land without his consent as the customary heir in Katarihwa’s properties, not his father’s.



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