Ex-Mbabazi guard Aine: Gen Saleh is godfather of mafias

Aine stands with Gen Saleh at whose home he resurfaced after disappearing in 2015 [Daily Monitor photo]

Former head of ex-presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s security, Christopher Aine, has written to President Museveni asking him to restrain his brother Rtd Gen Salim Saleh who he says heads Uganda’s mafia ring.

Aine who now identifies himself as the national coordinator of a pressure group called “Rise For Peace Africa” urges the president to get rid of and punish mafias including his own relatives.

“Everyone is talking about mafias killing people, taking land, grabbing wetlands, government resources like gold,” Aine said in a social media video he posted Saturday on his Facebook page.

Aine says there are so many issues Museveni skipped while addressing the nation at Serena hotel on Thursday.

Victoria University

“Most of the mafias are connected to the first family or members of the first family. The godfather of all mafias is Gen Saleh. People who are connected to him, that’s why they do such things.”

“The other group of mafias are connected to you, to state house or the army. Can’t you restrain these people? Why not start with your brother?”

Aine went on: “Lock him [Gen Saleh] up so that these people can understand. Those stupid people like Kwagalana family are stealing government resources. If you don’t restrain them or handle them yourself, we will handle them ourselves.”

Aine who threatened to use military engagement and peaceful means, says they have been patient with this situation.

“Please handle them. They are messing up our country. I have decided to appear today so I pass this message to your Mr President.”

Aine says he carefully got time to listen at Museveni’s speech at Serena and appreciates that much has been done in tourism, national water and roads are performing well.

“However there are many issues he should have addressed. On behalf of my team, years back I started an organisation named Rise for Peace Africa and I am the national coordinator.”

He said part of their obligations is to see that there is accountability by government to the people like fighting corruption.

“We are disappointed with Museveni’s speech. We expected you to talk about corruption. We can see Lt Col Edith Nakalema trying but there are no laws to deal with corrupt people. They are taken to court and they bribe court and come out. We expect their properties to be confiscated. Let us see the money being refunded,” he noted.


Aine expected Museveni to talk about government investing not just taxing people.

“How can we buy grain from Europe to make bread and cakes? We are donating to Europe. Why can’t we produce the wheat ourselves and sell it to the east African community?”

He added: “If doctors and teachers can buy their own cars, why not MPs? Why buy them cars, fuel them and facilitate them? Why don’t we share the little resources we have equitably so that everyone has a good life?”

Old scars

In 2015, while serving as Mbabazi’s bodyguard, Aine went missing. There was widespread alarm when Aine disappeared from public view in December 2015 at the height of very heated presidential elections.

Mbabazi team claimed Aine had been kidnapped by the state while the state denied knowledge of his whereabouts.

Mbabazi at Aine’s wedding

Police went on to place a Shs20m bounty on Aine’s head for thwarting police and security agents attempts to arrest Mbabazi during a campaign stop in Ntungamo in December 2015.

After months of speculation and fear he had died in captivity, Aine reappeared April 7, 2016 claiming he had sought refuge in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

He was first revealed by Museveni’s brother Gen Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh.

In December of the same year, Aine got married. Present was the ex-premier Amama Mbabazi’s as chief guest.

Former National Resistance Movement Secretary General Amama Mbabazi had rattled his party by challenging chairman President Museveni for the country’s top seat.



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