Museveni: DP without me doesn’t exist

Museveni addressing the nation

President Museveni has said there is no Democratic Party [DP] without him or if that was the case, then such a political party doesn’t exist.

“I hear people going around. DP! DP! DP. DP without Museveni is not there,” Museveni said on Thursday while delivering the State of the Nation Address at Serena Conference Centre in Kampala.

“I was in DP. Even Uganda People’s Congress [UPC]. I joined UPC for five months. In 1966, when I was 21 and in DP, that’s when I launched efforts in my area, Kiruhura,” he explained.

The current DP is led by Norbert Mao who is also the chairman of Interparty Organisation for Dialogue [IPOD].

Victoria University

Museveni said one doesn’t have to belong to the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] in order to help the people.

“You can’t tell me that you can’t help your people because you are not in NRM or government or in power. I was helping my people when I was in opposition.”

He added: “That is nonsense. You are rubbish, you are nothing if you can’t help your people.”

“You now find that people there are not living in grass-thatched houses. I was able to do that when I was in opposition. If you claim you are this and that but you have done nothing to improve the income of your people then you are nothing.”

He went on: “If you are still thinking that way you are useless. I helped and worked for my people even before I became president.”



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