I don’t eat fish, they say am backward- Museveni


President Museveni says the fisheries interventions have led to increased fish stocks and reopening of four factories of the 16 that had closed due to lack of stock.

“How could the fisheries sector die when there are leaders there?” he wondered while delivering the State of the Nation Address Thursday at Serena conference centre in Kampala.

Museveni said, for example, he could not let the fisheries sector die and had to use soldiers.

He said soldiers make their own mistakes because they were trained for something else but the original sin is by leaders who didn’t do their work to stop over-fishing.

Victoria University

“2,000 years ago, Jesus said, “The hired shepherd will run away when the wolf comes but the owner of the sheep will stand and die defending the sheep.” It is you to care about your people.”

Museveni said although he doesn’t eat fish urged leaders to fight for the people nomatter what.

“Me, I don’t even eat fish. They say I am backward but I had to defend the fish for my fish eaters. And now they are very happy. Leaders must fight for their people.”

While praising UPDF marines for the good job done on Ugandan waters, Museveni observed that significant focus has been placed on professionalising and modernising the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and building the Uganda Police Force (UPF) capabilities.

Curbing crime

He said some months ago, killers, robbers and rapists had intensified their activities. 

They were committing these crimes with impunity because the Police had been infiltrated by criminals and people who had been compromised in some ways. 

The National Security Council reviewed the situation and came to some conclusions. 

“I addressed a special sitting of Parliament on the 20th of June, 2018,where I outlined the measures we had decided to take to cope with the heightened crime.”

“A number of those measures are being implemented. As I assured the country, that crime wave will be defeated.”

He said UPDF works with other security agencies to deter or curtail any acts of lawlessness.

He said the recent peaceful holding of the Martyrs Day, where an estimated 3 million people turned up, shows that Police and the UPDF already have good capacity.



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