UPDF soldiers try to rob Fang Fang restaurant


Security forces have arrested four soldiers attached to the national army, Uganda People’s Defence Force [UPDF], for trying to rob the posh Fang Fang restaurant in Kampala.

The soldiers were identified as Corporal Majid Abbas, Lance Corporal Ivan Asiimwe, Private Joshua Chandini and army driver, Ivan Opio.

They were arrested by Internal Security Organisation (ISO) operatives in collaboration Special Forces Command (SFC) soldiers, the elite guards who protect the president and key security installations.

ISO learnt about the robbery through the hotel staff member who secretly called for rescue while the soldiers put everyone at gunpoint with two Sub Machine Guns (SMGs) loaded with over 300 bullets.

Victoria University

ISO then contacted SFC which deployed with police 999 patrol vehicle and surrounded Fang Fang restaurant around 1am.

SFC then ordered the soldiers to surrender.



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