Bad Black: Martha Kay’s punani too tiny, no twinnies

Bad Black

Self-professed Ugandan corporate sex worker Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black alias Snail Baby has expressed disappointment in comedienne Martha Kay for showcasing what she called a disappointingly tiny honeypot.

Real names Martha Kagimba, Kay’s naked pictures leaked on WhatsApp platforms Friday, putting the photographer in a bad light.

Kay who rose to fame after she posted a video about her love for Range Rover Sport a few years ago, is seen posing completely naked in the bathroom.

But Bad Black says she shouldn’t have bothered exposing such a sugar bowl completely lacking in all aspects.

Martha Kay

“How can you put out such a small thing in public without twin towers? Why didn’t you pull?” Black wondered.

“I am a prostitute but I atleast have twinnies. They may be short but I have them. How can you who is more bright than me not have any?”

Black suggested that if someone dares to show her punani, it better looks like that of Desire Luzinda, the singer whose nude pictures broke the internet.

“At least if it was BIG like mine with massive fatty cheeks! When we tell you that we have big punanis, you think we are joking.

Last month, Black got engaged to her white lover David Greenhalgh. The couple are set to walk down the aisle very soon.

Bad Black’s boyfriend Sky West who was introduced as a brother captured every moment with wild cheers.

Black and her son Rowland

At the close of the month, Bad Black finally shared a picture of herself and he son Rowland Greenhalgh.

“Many of you where askin mi why David Greenhalgh loved mi so dearly today dis s our secret baby ROWLAND GREENHALGH born in 2011 younger brother to Jonathan who was born in 2009 many.”

“… o u dont know about mi just pretendin today help me and inform ma co-wives am nt barren nor stupid to stay with green 8yrs without a child …I will always be main chic plz side chics work hard.”



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