Kibuli Mufti girl nude photos splash on social media

Shawula Kasule

A Ugandan Shiekh’s daughter picked the month of Ramadan to release her nude pictures on the internet.

Shawula Kasule is the daughter of Sheikh Kasule Ndirangwa, the Kibuli Muslim faction Supreme Mufti.

Shawula is seen posing naked on her bed in the seriously erotic pictures.

In the other pictures, she is dancing erotically, opening up and showing her sugar bowl to the world.


Apparently, Shawula recorded took the nude pictures and recorded a sex video of herself to surprise her boyfriend.

Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate, the Deputy Supreme Mufti, says Shawula was attacked by demons recently and “did those unfortunate things”.

Her father Sheikh Ndirangwa was out of the country for umra in Saudi Arabia.



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