I can smell freedom, Bobi Wine likens Museveni to Pharaoh

Bobi Wine with Mao in Jinja

On Wednesday, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine attended the Democratic Party DP Reunion in Jinja at Kakinda Stadium.

Bobi Wine who had just returned from Zimbabwe said he was very grateful for the invitation by the leadership of the Democratic Party led by Norbert Mao.

Here is his full speech:

Fellow comrades!

Victoria University

I bring you greetings from the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe where I came from yesterday. Our brothers and sisters there asked me to greet you and give you assurances that they are with the people of Uganda in our struggle for democracy and good governance.

Let me also use this opportunity to request us to observe a moment of silence for a fallen statesman and elder, mzee Professor Apollo Nsibambi. We mourn him today because he served his country with honour and dignity. Although he served in a corrupt regime, he refused to be corrupted. And as you all remember, he supported our ‘Tojikwatako’ campaign in 2017.

I hope that sends a message to all of us who are here today and those who are not here- how do we want to be remembered when we are no longer here on earth? This is an important question for each one of us to reflect on. Whether you are in government or in the opposition. Whether you are old or young. Whether you are a celebrity or a common citizen. As the Bible teaches us in Proverbs, a better name is better than great riches. “Erinya eddungi, lisinga obuzira!”

In a very special way, let me recognise two people who are very close to my heart. Mrs. Namuli Francesca is 75 years old. Winfred K. Nalusiba 60 years old. These two women of valor have seen the best the worst of Uganda. They were around when Uganda got independence. In many ways, they have been part of the Ugandan story of unfulfilled hopes and dreams! But these two women have continued to struggle for a better country. Well knowing that they are old and in the evening of their years, these two have determined that it is worthwhile to fight for the next generation! We respect you for the bright shining light. We commend you for the fight over the years. Our assurance to you is that we shall not let you down.

Today, I am very grateful to God for the opportunity to address you once again, here in Jinja. The last time we tried to come here for a reunion, the event was blocked by the police and many of our comrades brutalized. But I am grateful that we did not give up, and eventually here we are! This is proof that it is only those who do not give up that have a chance to win. But also, this is an opportunity for us to maximize every opportunity we get.

I am very grateful to President Mao and the leadership of the Democratic Party for the invitation. I am also very grateful to you, Uganda Young Democrats for keeping the fire burning.

In the interest of time, I want to keep my words short.

I want to use this opportunity to send a message to three categories of people- the people of Uganda who are struggling to redeem this country from oppression (both those who are here and those who are in all corners of Uganda), fellow leaders of the struggle (those who are gathered here today and those who are not here), and finally I will send a message to President Museveni and the NRM leadership (those who are here and those who are not here).

My message to the people of Uganda is that we shall soon be free. I can smell freedom from a far. I can see it in a distance. I can sense it.

I was inspired by a poem from by young girl while in Zimbabwe this weekend. Her speech was titled “The Battle will soon be won.” Friends, the writing is on the wall. All signs are clear.

Those who oppress us are in panic. We shall soon be free. All we must do now is work even harder. From morning to evening. Sunday to Monday. January to December. Let us use every opportunity to weaken the dictatorship and throw it on the ground and free our people. Comrades, it will take all of us. The battle will soon be won. Young people of Uganda, we must rise up and defend this country and our future. Our country is in a crisis. There are no jobs. Our hospitals are long dead. In many parts of this county, our children are studying under trees. Our brothers and sisters are being enslaved in foreign countries. President Museveni and his cronies are overtaxing, corruption is alarming. Many of you here are no longer on social media because of the extortionist tax.

Comrades, shall we let this continue in our times? Should we? This is a question for all of us to answer.

To my fellow leaders, Uganda is ready. Are we ready? When they see us, what do they see? Do they see people moving together for a common mission or do they see forces in disarray? That is why we have been preaching unity on every occasion. That is why we speak with Dr. Besigye and Gen. Muntu. That is why we speak with Comrade Mao and Hon. Asuman Basalirwa. That is why we associate with the DP bloc and all forces of change. That is why we speak with all forces of change. Why? Because a people united can never be defeated.

We must now start speaking with one voice. Time has come for us to put any petty differences aside and confront the monster called dictatorship together.

It gives me pleasure to see my brothers Dr. Hilderman, Patriko Mujuuko and other artistes here. My brother Chameleon has also been here. Seeing them here is a dream come true. Seeing all Ugandans in their different trades and professions being immersed in the struggle to free Uganda has always been my dream. My only word of advice to all of us leaders is that we must mean what we say and say what we mean. In Uganda, we have two sides- the oppressors and the oppressed.

The question people will be asking all of us leaders is this- ‘Where do you belong? On the side of the oppressor, or on the side of the oppressed?’

If you are for the people, the people will be with you. If you are against them, the people will be against you. And we must never take them for granted- the people can tell who is for them and who is not. It is not so much about what we say as it is about what we do.

Our people want to see us united and speaking with the same language.

Finally, my message to President Museveni is this- the people of Uganda are on standby. The plane is on the tarmac- ready for take off!! The people of Uganda are ready to get rid of your oppressive regime. You still have a chance. In the Bible, in the book of Exodus, God gave Pharaoh up to ten signs! When each sign was given, Pharaoh simply hardened his heart.

At each turn God was saying to Pharaoh, let my people go! But Pharaoh refused. Locusts came, then frogs, lice, boils, a hailstorm, etc. But Pharaoh refused to heed the signs. He continued to harden his heart! Well, until it was too late and he fell into the Red Sea with his entire army.

Likewise, God has over the years sent different signs to you, President Museveni, and told you, “Let my people go.” There was a sign of Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere. Then a sign of Dr. Kizza Besigye your former personal doctor. Then the sign of Gen. Mugisha Muntu, your former army commander, and all your comrades who said enough was enough!

Then God sent you the sign of your good friend Gaddafi in Libya. It didn’t end there- Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Zimbabwe were all signs to you. Just a few months back, you got the signs of Algeria and Sudan!

Sadly like Pharaoh, you have ignored all these signs and hardened your heart even more. Like Pharaoh, the more signs you get, the more you increase the oppression of the people.

You have ignored the signs of Professor and Generals. The signs of doctors and engineers. All of them! Having ignored all these, God is sending you one more sign- the rastas have risen up and are demanding for democracy. The sign of the determination of Uganda’s young people is clear. Will you heed this time round? The choice is yours. You can redeem the little that is left, or you can wait until it is too late.

God bless Uganda!



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