Congo army kills 23 ADF rebels in Beni


By Radio Okapi

Twenty-three attackers were killed on Thursday 30th but in clashes between FARRC and ADF in Ngite, a village located 15 km from the city of Beni.

The FARDC, backed by MONUSCO peacekeepers, pushed back early this morning the ADF attack.

At 5 am local time, ADF launched an attack on the headquarters of the first battalion of the 32nd brigade of FARDC rapid reaction units based in Ngite.

Victoria University

The reaction of the army was immediate.

A second group of ADFs tried to overflow to position themselves on national road number 4 with the aim of preventing any reinforcement towards the combat zone.

The blue helmets of the MONUSCO intervention brigade came to support the FARDC to counter the ADF on this position.

Heavy clashes with heavy and automatic weapons that followed lasted nearly an hour.

During the search and search operation, the FARDC collected 23 bodies and 20 weapons from the attackers, according to the spokesman for the Sokola 1 operations.

The latter did not give any results on the side of the FARDC and the UN peacekeepers.

For the moment, several inhabitants of Mavivi village near Ngite have just abandoned this environment and the traffic that was interrupted on the national road number 4 has just begun again.



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