Uganda to borrow 20m euros from Spain for mapping Karamoja

Ofwono Opondo addressing press at Uganda Media Centre

Cabinet sat on Monday May 27th 2019 at State House Entebbe, and approved the National Intellectual Property Policy 2019.

Its objectives are; to provide and enabling environment for stimulating  innovation and creativity; to Attract foreign direct investments: A strong IP system it will encourage economic growth due to advancement in technology; to support  establishment of comprehensive Public and Private  institutional IP frame works for administration, protection, commercialization  and enforcement of IP rights, thus ensuring  delivery of  IP services to all stake holders.

Others are; to ensure effective IP rights enforcements: this will be achieved through building collaborations and strengthening linkages between  different IP   administrative and enforcement entities; to Promote research  and development; to facilitate  more active  and comprehensive  promotion of IP awareness through  appropriate short training  programs; and to generate effective and beneficial linkages between National and International IP systems as well as set a policy direction in Regional and International relations in respect of Intellectual Property.

Cabinet also approved the proposal to borrow up to EURO 20,622,435 from the Corporate Internationalization Fund of Spain, for the implementation of Project “Airborne Geophysical Survey and Geological mapping of Karamoja”.

Victoria University

The project is expected to benefit the country in the following ways:

It will enable Government complete the airborne geophysical map of the country to establish the mineral resources of the country especially in Karamoja region.

It will improve livelihoods for mining communities as a result of better returns from mining activities.

Government agencies such as universities will benefit from access to minerals data to facilitate research and improved technologies of artisanal and small scale miners.



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