I’m glad I lost FDC party presidency-Muntu

Muntu unveiling his party leaders

Over the weekend, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu announced that his Alliance for National Transformation [ANT] party had released its registration app is now available on iOs.

“All those with iPhones can now register and become members of the party. https://itunes.apple.com/…/alliance-for-natio…/id1465123236…Those with other phones can access the app via https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ug.code.nat,” he said.

Appearing on NBS Frontline programme Thursday night, Muntu said the Interparty Coalition for Development [IPOD] is composed of people who have members in Parliament and even though (ANT) has launched, it can’t be part of IPOD yet.

“I haven’t been following closely what has been happening in IPOD. I however believe it (Ipod) could work if there is goodwill in the side of the regime,” he said.

Victoria University

Muntu said the regime is very thorough and thinks they have people who plan on how to cause confusion in the opposition.

When the opposition can’t read through what the regime is doing, they end up in conflict, noted Muntu, also the National Coordinator of ANT.

He advised parties in the opposition to analyse the primary and secondary objectives, saying many times, the opposition concentrates on the secondary objectives and ignores the primary objective which is regime change.

Leaving FDC

Muntu said his separation from Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] was because of disagreements on the methods to meet the primary objective of regime change, with time it’s getting clear to people “that our exit was good for us and FDC”.

“We (ANT leadership) are very purposeful people we don’t panic or take rush decisions, if we were people who were disgruntled, we would have left FDC the moment we disagreed.”

He said almost half of the people in the ANT leadership have never been in any political party.

“We (ANT) are going down to the grassroots because that’s what we believe in. We are building a party for a long time but we have to also participate in 2021 if the general elections are there.”

He added: “I am glad I lost the FDC party presidency, had I become president, we would still have internal fights in the party that had existed for about 5 years.”

Muntu said he is starting from scratch and if a few months down the road one of our (ANT) members leaves and joins another opposition party, “we shall be very okay with it”.



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