Unseen Archives: Amin son visits museum for dad photo exhibition


On Saturday May 18, 2019, the Uganda Museum officially unveiled the Unseen Archive of former President, Idi Amin.

The photographs from the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation [UBC] archive will be on display until the 30th of November 2019.

The Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Community Affairs Hon. Kirunda Kivejinja opened the ‘Unseen archives’ of President Idi Amin photo exhibition at the Uganda museum. 

Kivejinja opens the exhibition

Henry Kyemba who was Health Minister in President Idi Amin’s Cabinet was present to be given an exclusive tour of the exhibition.

He later joined for a televised panel discussion of former cabinet ministers on UBC TV.

Henry Kyemba taking a tour

Idi Amin’s son Jaffer Amin on Tuesday also visited the #IdiAminArchive photo exhibition at the Uganda museum. For him it’s a collection of ‘sweet memories’.

Many of these had been recorded films and photo negatives that had been archived at UBC for nearly 40 years.

Agrey Awori, a former minister said President Idi Amin ordered the introduction of colour TV in Uganda in 1975.

To get colour, the television was missing a few components available in the US. The components were flown in on express orders of President Amin.

Awori was discussing with a panel of journalists that include Alhaji Nsereko Abdul, Dick Kasolo and Horace Awori being hosted by Tony Geoffrey Owana at Uganda Museum on day three of the exhibition.

The showcase is a collection of photos describing different stages of the regime such as the expulsion of Asians, the economic war, flagging off artistes to different festivals while others are of senior government officials such as Moses Ali and Nasur Abdallah.



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