IPOD was for power transfer but suffered still birth- Lukwago

His Worship Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago

People’s Government Vice President Erias Lukwago says the Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) was created to help in power transfer but has since suffered a still birth.

The Kampala Lord Mayor was Tuesday morning appearing on NBS television where he supported Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party for snubbing the Entebbe second IPOD summit.

“I am not the spokesperson for FDC but they have made their position in relation to IPOD clear, any reasonable Ugandan would understand their position,” Lukwago noted.

“It is now 10 years down the road, what have we achieved with IPOD? What are the issues we have to dialogue about?”

 Lukwago said he admires the patience of the principles that waited for the NRM chairman Museveni from 9am to 7pm when the IPOD summit started yesterday.

Democratic Party President and IPOD Chairman Norbert Mao even lost his cool and blasted President Museveni for coming late. The president first addressed a cabinet meeting at State House Entebbe.

According to Lukwago, IPOD was created to create a new political dispensation.

Right now, FDC cannot hold a party meeting even at the party headquarters, he noted.

“Orderly succession of power was part of the reasons IPOD was created. Right now, we have engaged a reverse gear. IPOD suffered a still birth and I came to this conclusion in 2010.”

He said President Museveni “treats us like second rate citizens, that we are not shareholders in this country”.

While addressing the summit, Museveni said he doesn’t understand why FDC continues to avoid the meeting of political parties.

“God gives you ability to talk and you say you won’t, he can switch off that gift. I take it as a Biblical command to talk to whoever wants to talk to me.”

He said if dialogue had been used during the struggle against President Idi Amin’s rule, Uganda would have avoided many problems.

“If I don’t want to dialogue when in politics then I should go to look after my animals.”

Mao, on the other hand, said even little bets can lead to big wins.

“We cannot address the Pharaoh from the fringes and sidelines. We have to stand boldly in his presence and proclaim the Truth and demand Justice.”



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