Mwenda apologises to Bobi Wine, says Museveni will die in office

Mwenda appearing on NBS TV

Senior journalist Andrew Mwenda has Tuesday apologised on live TV for calling Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine an “empty-headed drug addict”.

While appearing on NBS television, Mwenda said the opinion poll by Research World International which put Bobi Wine ahead of Kizza Besigye and behind President Museveni is highly professional and a reflection of the public mood in Uganda.

Bobi Wine is able to create a sensation because he is fresh, he is not a soldier and a westerner, Mwenda agreed.

“I however find him blank on basic national issues. The opposition in Uganda has a problem. They feel they are so awesome, so cool and loved that they don’t need to win anyone over.”

“I don’t see how Bobi Wine and Besigye can agree to talk to someone who doesn’t agree with them. Museveni is tolerant. These guys are terrible.”

Mwenda said his personal experience with Museveni is that he is a very tolerant person.

“He has grown older but I don’t think he has changed. Museveni’s character is that he will work with those he disagrees with.”

Mwenda said NRM tolerates people like MP Theodore Sekikuubo irrespective of how he criticizes it wondering if opposition can tolerate someone like Sekikuubo.

“I don’t think President Museveni will retire, he will either be pushed out of office or die in office.”

Mwenda said Besigye and Bobi Wine deal will not work because they are both involved in strategic competition and this creates structural stress.

“I don’t believe in term limits, a candidate like Besigye should keep making his try. If I was Museveni, I would incite a fight between Bobi Wine and Besigye.”

He added: “I think Bobi should lead the struggle and Besigye steps down but I don’t think Besigye’s supporters and his wife will support that.”

He said Besigye is a very principled man, a resilient fighter and that sacrifice has made him win the hearts of Ugandans.

“To that degree, I hold him in high esteem.”

Mwenda to Bobi Wine: “I withdraw the word “empty headed” that I used to address you earlier on the show, I apologize. I just find you less informed about factors/issues affecting our country.”

He thinks President Museveni has been the most successful leader in Uganda.

“Bobi Wine, you know I love you so much and your wife, I think she is very pretty. I personally think that the criminalization of marijuana is the worst thing to happen to humanity, am told Bobi Wine takes it sometimes. There are many health benefits of weed. We (Uganda) can invest in health/medical marijuana.”



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