We’re owners of this country, Besigye tells army

Besigye and Ssebugwawo

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye says the main purpose of his struggle is to take back power from the military and give it back to the people.

“The power is heavily guarded by the military and the guns. Our struggle is about ensuring that the army relinquishes that power so it goes back to the people,” Besigye said.

He was on Sunday addressing Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] leaders from Rubaga Division at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, along Entebbe road.

“The army must accept that we citizens are the owners of this country. We want those in power to become our servants not our masters,” Besigye maintained.  

He said the first step in this struggle is to raise citizens’ awareness so they can fight for their rights.

Besigye also took a swipe at Norbert Mao’s Democratic Party bloc which lambasted him for not joining them.  

“They are some people who think I betrayed them because I refused to join some coalitions. I can’t fight before I agree with those coalitions that are ready to fight. Even the army, they first give you a number, a section and a battalion that you must belong to,” he explained.

He added: “Even if you arrest me and take me to Luzira, I still remain the people’s president. We want to show them that power is with the people and belongs to the people.”

Besigye said he used to fight with the police and it has now lost trust of its master, the reason he brought in the army.

He said even police officers are also aware of the problems affecting everyone around them since they can’t feed their families and their children can’t study on their meagre salaries.

On the same day, the police and the army blocked Besigye from leaving FDC offices but were shocked to see him across the road.

For some reason it caused immense panic in the security forces, which deployed heavily along Entebbe Rd and prevented me getting out when I’d finished addressing them,” Besigye said.

He added: “They were left in shock when they saw me waving at them from the opposite side on road towards City Centre. The guilty are afraid!”

According to Besigye, President Museveni thinks that opening factories means Uganda is developing.

Ssebugwawo confronts police

The People’s Government President said that is one of the reasons he fought graduated tax which only benefited those in power.

“If we love this country, we must fight to liberate it. This is 2019, the year of action. Anytime, we are defeating this regime.”  

FDC President Patrick Amuriat Oboi who was also blocked from leaving said “this will not stop us from organizing to defy the junta’s illegal occupation of our country”.

“It is a duty we will do without fear,” said Amuriat who walked away and took a taxi to town to meet with activists at the Kampala Office.

FDC’s vice president for Central Owekitibwa Joyce Ssebugwawo and Harriet Nakiyemba were also blocked alongside journalists from NTV Uganda.



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