The Kyagulanyis stir Kabale, vow to continue anti-gov’t songs

The Kyagulanyis in Kabale town

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has vowed to continue composing and singing anti-government songs despite a gag by authorities.

On Friday, High Court dismissed Bobi Wine’s case against police in which he decried the banning of his concerts and blocking his music events.

The 37-year-old legislator says it’s time for Uganda’s young people to awake and rise up and take over leadership since the current leaders are no longer working for the people but themselves.

Bobi and his son

Stirring up Kabale

Victoria University

On Saturday, the Kyagulanyis [Bobi Wine, his wife Barbie Itungo and one of their sons] graced Kabale town and caused quite a stir.

Bobi Wine said they were attending the wedding of his brother-in-law Rubahamya Baron who found himself a soul mate.

“Rukundo egumeho! [May the love continue],” Bobi Wine said.

Bobi, his son and brother-in-law [L]

On September 5, 2014, Bobi Wine posted on social media saying: “So I was nominated by Baron Rubahamya for the “Ten greatest books you’ve ever read challenge” and here I go.”

Among the said books were; Things fall apart by “Chinua Achebe”, Long Walk to freedom by “Nelson Mandela”, The secret by Rhonda Byrne, Sowing the mustard seed by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Golden Memories of a village belle by Barbara Kyagulanyi, The 48 laws of power/ 33 strategies of war/ the 50th Law by Robert Greene, Ezinunula omunaku by M. Kawere, Basekabaka ba Buganda by Sir Apollo Kaggwa, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and The Nile English course by some Acholi guy/ Kisumuluzo by some Muganda Author.

The two brothers-in-law seem to share a deep bond.

Bride and groom

In her own words, Barbie Kyagulanyi said: “The last one of my brothers Baron and his fiancée Esther officially begun their Love journey today.”

She added: “We wish them a bond unbreakable, a love so pure and happiness immeasurable. Congratulations Bro. Solomon and Taata just looked glamorous in this our traditional wear.”

Ntugamo prayers

On Sunday morning, Bobi Wine attended a church service on Mother’s Day in Rubaare, Ntungamo district.

He said the preacher at St. James Rubaare church preached on love in marriage.

“It was fulfilling to attend service and get more engagement with the people of Rushenyi Sub County Ntungamo District,” Bobi Wine said.

He added: “Thank you the people of Rubaare for welcoming and loving us.”



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