Besigye escapes police siege, waves at shocked cops

Besigye waves at police officers besieging offices where he is expected to be

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye was it his old game again when he on Sunday escaped a police blockade at Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] head offices in Najjanankumbi along Entebbe road.

Besigye was meeting and addressing meeting FDC local leaders from Rubaga Division at the Party Headquarters.

“We hope our meeting will end without disruption from Police as they have interrupted all our meetings in other districts,” he told the leaders.

Before he could leave the venue, police had already deployed heavily and placed the premises under a siege.

Victoria University

They blocked all entrances and exits to ensure Besigye doesn’t leave the venue.

“I have finished addressing our meeting at FDC leaders from Rubaga Division but Police has blocked exit from our party premises!” Besigye said before pulling a trick on the unsuspecting officers.

Police deploys at FDC offices

According to Besigye’s aide Ronald Muhinda, as police and the army blocked the exit, Besigye who was indeed inside, passed by Entebbe Road and waved at them.

“He left the police and army shocked and embarrassed, on one hand and supporters excited on the other,” Muhinda said.

“And then the former Highway Robber Albert Muhumuza who was captured by Wembley and had persuaded police to block the exit starts following him on Boda boda as he always does,” Muhinda added.

Besigye leaving the venue

In 2017, Kira municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda’s reported about how a police officer, Albert Muhumuza, tried to suffocate them inside the police van by closing all windows and switching off the air condition system.

Muhumuza, then a constable under crime intelligence, has gained some notoriety over the way he commands the police mobile vans which transport people under arrest.

Today, he led police officers who dispersed every FDC and People’s Government leadership meeting.

They had information that the Rubaga meeting would take place along Kabaka Anjagala and then went and sealed off the area, according to Muhinda.

“When the meeting was shifted to FDC HQ, the party offices have also been besieged. As day follows night, their guns will be subdued. No doubt.”

Present at the meeting were; Besigye, FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Vice President Buganda Owek. Joyce Ssebugwawo and Ingrid Turinawe, FDC chief mobiliser.

Amuriat tries to reason with police


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