Museveni visits MP Muhanga mom, rewards Mwenge

Museveni and Muhanga's mother

President Museveni on Friday visited the mother of Burahya County MP Margaret Muhanga‏ who recently had a heart surgery.

“Thank you Mzei for checking on my mom after she had a heart surgery,” Muhanga expressed her gratitude on social media.

She added: ”Thanks too for always remembering your comrades since UPM days. May God richly bless you.”

Present during the visit was senior journalist Andrew Mwenda who is also a member of the Muhanga family.

In the afternoon, Museveni addressed a rally at Nyarukoma village, Nyantungo Sub-county, Kyenjonjo District.

Mwenda, Museveni and Muhanga

He thanked the people of Kyenjonjo for supporting the NRM during the war and later through the various election cycles.

“This particular county, Mwenge South, gave me the highest number of votes in the last election, explaining why I chose to hold my first rally on these regional tours here.”

“Like I did with your leaders yesterday, this engagement is to sensitize you on wealth creation and fighting household poverty.”

Museveni said the government is doing a lot in terms of development. For instance here, it has built the road from Kigumba, Kagadi, Hoima to Kyenjojo and via Kahungye.

However along these tamacked roads, there are poor people, implying that the existence of tarmack roads does not necessarily translate into wealth.

“What I want you to do is to engage in agriculture that is commercially viable. However as you do this, I implore you to desist from land fragmentation, because small land holdings are not commercially viable.”

He added: “Government is going to support you through the various funds that have been set up, like the OWC, youth fund, women fund, etc. Thank you for coming in big numbers to listen to me.”



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