Irene Ntale: we Baganda women don’t cheat

Singer Irene Ntale

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Irene Ntale, brewed a twitter storm Wednesday when she claimed that Baganda women don’t cheat on their partners.  

Irene who sings RnB, reggae, and acoustic soul, is the campaign ambassador for the Red Card to Drunk Driving campaign by Uganda Breweries Limited.

She is famous for songs like like “Gyobera”, “Love letter” a collaboration with Bebe Cool, “Stay with me”, “Nkubukinze” and “Olindaba”.

“Am a muganda woman and we donot Cheat!” she tweeted, sparking a tirade of innuendos, insinuations, verbal attacks and insults.

The comments were mostly from men who have dated dozens of Baganda girls and allegedly dumped them all for cheating.

One even claimed Baganda girls “donate” their goods to whoever is willing to eat them.

A month ago, Ntale tweeted: “Being single is annoying But also dealing with ‘boys’ is Literally twice as annoying.”

Her message was clear: female musicians’ love-life is always problematic.

She agreed being single was “annoying and boring”, something fans interpreted as a heartbreak from yet another lover.


The state-run New Vision in October 2013 run a “sex poll” about tribes in Uganda in the categories of most romantic, violent, fertile, dependable in financial matters and arrogant.

It said attributes of romance, fertility, faithfulness, violence and having a good partner are individual merits.

Respondents voted the Acholi as the most trusted with love [most faithful].

Baganda got most votes as the most confident in dating matters. Baganda women also got the crown for the most romantic.

Most respondents said the Banyankole are the most arrogant, followed by Bakiga and then Baganda.

The crown for the most fertile women went to the Bakiga, followed by Baganda and then Banyankole.



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