CIA arrests woman looking for “Agent Penis”


By NBC Washington

Police have filed a criminal complaint against a woman after she allegedly trespassed on CIA’s headquarters four times since April 22, once asking to speak with “Agent Penis.”

The woman, 58-year-old Jennifer G. Hernandez, had attempted to enter the agency three days in a row on May 1, 2 and 3.

On April 22, case files allege that Hernandez walked into CIA Headquarters through the main vehicle entrance.

After she was stopped by a CIA police officer, she said that she had applied for employment at the agency and that her recruiter had told her to come to the complex.

Once the police officer determined that Hernandez had no official business with the CIA, they told her she could be charged with trespassing and told her to leave, which she did.

Then on May 1, Hernandez returned via Lyft, and again said she was trying to see her recruiter. Officers issued her a written warning and turned her away.

On May 2, Hernandez came back in an Uber. CIA officers allege that Hernandez “stated that she wanted to ‘speak to her recruiter’ and that she knew to come here because her ‘phone was off.'” Officers interviewed her and told her to leave.

Finally, on May 3, Hernandez showed up asking for her North Carolina ID card, which officers had unintentionally kept in storage. She also asked to “speak to Agent Penis.”

After being provided with her ID card, Hernandez told officers she would leave the agency by bus. When her bus arrived, however, she told officers waiting with her, “do you really think I’m going to leave?”

After declining to board the bus, Hernandez was arrested.

Hernandez was charged with a Class B misdemeanour offense. She is currently being held in Alexandria city jail.



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