Amin thought self powerful to chase Asians, says Museveni

Museveni recieved by Vice President Kiwanuka Sekandi at Patingo Akwee Primary School grounds for #LabourDay celebrations

President Museveni has promised to set up a Local Defence Unit [LDU] barracks in Karamoja and Acholi region until they can have enough police.

He was Wednesday speaking at Patingo Akwee Primary School grounds where Labour Day celebrations were held.

“We do not want the UPDF to permanently do police work,” Museveni said.

He said security wouldn’t have defeated cattle rustlers and insurgency if they did not have the support of the people.

Victoria University

“Some people said Acholi supported Joseph Kony [LRA warlord], which was not true.”

He said the most successful “Arrow Boys Groups” were made here. President Museveni:

He said the roads are good for passengers and tourists, not so cheap for cargo.

“The real medicine for cargo are: railway and water. That is why we are going to reconstruct all old railways. We already started on water with ferry systems.”

Museveni said Karuma Dam is almost complete, Isimba is done, Agago is almost ready and that electricity will be cheaper.

“We still have a problem with Bujagaali which was built with expensive money. We want electricity cost low and transportation low for the factories for more jobs.”

He said the base of the country is on business. “When you tamper with private sector you fail. Therefore, by working on roads and electricity is to make life easy for them so that they create jobs for Ugandans.”

He said immunisation has had a very big impact. There has been population growth because of immunisation. “Hepatitis B was a problem but we have arrested it.”

It seems the leaders of workers have started to understand economics, before when they used to speak, they never understood economics very well, he said.

“I’m opening factories every month in Kampala but even here in the North they are beginning to come.”

Museveni said he was educating Members of Parliament on how to handle businessmen because the strength of a nation is not in politicians or pastors, it is in businessmen.

“USA is the strongest nation because of businessmen.”

He said former President Idi Amin Dada thought he was very powerful and he chased away the Asians.

“In a few months, he lacked sugar, if you mishandle the private sector, you fail.”

Museveni said it is important not to rely on those who come to create jobs here.

“I would encourage everybody to do modern farming, not subsistence just for the stomach.”

He said it is important for young girls to get immunized against cervical cancer before they get mixed up with men.

“Young girls should also be encouraged to abstain from sex,” he urged.



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