Muntu says Museveni power slipping away

Mugisha Muntu

The Alliance for National Transformation [A.N.T] founder Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu‏ has criticised President Museveni’s government for continued oppression and arrests of opposition figures Kizza Besigye and MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

“The arrest of Bobi Wine and consequent remand is yet another of government’s excesses as it clings to power that is steadily slipping out of its grip,” Muntu said.

Muntu was Tuesday addressing press at his ANT part offices in Bukoto, a Kampala suburb on pertinent issues affecting the nation’s political climate as well as the party’s immediate and future plans.

He said the party will officially be launched on May 22, 2019 at Serena International Conference Centre in Kampala.

Victoria University

“This country call home will be here long after we are all gone. Putting its interests ahead of our own isn’t just a selfless act of servant leadership,” he said.

He added: “It is also the most practical way to secure any gains made so far.”

Muntu cited how Besigye has been blocked from being hosted on various radio stations in Jinja, Kabale, Mubende and towns in northern Uganda where radios were even closed.

He said security forces did not stop at that but went ahead and in a cruel manner, dispersed members of the public who gathered to listen to opposition leaders.

Muntu said police has fabricated cases against the leader of People Power, Robert Kyagulanyi until yesterday when they remanded him to Luzira.

“I call them fabricated because never have they ever prosecuted these cases to their logical conclusion. They only use such cases to waste people’s time only to drop them without a convincing explanation.”

Citing cases of failed nations like Sudan, Libya and Zimbabwe, Muntu said peace which is not anchored on injustice is simply a mockery and that the Museveni regime must realise that very soon they will be out of power hence should treat others well.



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