Kasese: army sieges Besigye, Amuriat as 1,543 NRM fans defect

An army vehicle secures a road in Kasese town

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] says it has received about 1,543 supporters from the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] who defected in Kasese district.

“The few remaining NRM ruminants in Kasese have crossed over to the FDC,” the opposition party said on Monday.

FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat received the 1,543 yellow cards from the former NRM supporters.

Amuriat says he will remain relentless in defiance as long as Police keeps up with its targeted crackdown on FDC activities.

Victoria University

Amuriat and the Leader of opposition Aol Betty Ochan in Gulu say opposition is mooting talks with police to stop security interference in FDC activities.

Kasese army siege

The party said armed to-the-teeth, police and the army clamped down the peaceful procession by People’s President Kizza Besigye and Amuriat in Kasese town.

Besigye, according to his aide Ronald Muhinda, arrived in Kasese incognito. The army had deployed in advance to wait for him.

When police got a sniff of his presence, it stormed and besieged the hotel where Amuriat and People’s Government Internal Affairs Minister Ingrid Turinawe, were resting.

They demanded for documents authorising the opposition leaders to be in Kasese.

According to Muhinda, Kasese leadership immediately mobilised and Amuriat was whisked away leaving Ingrid surrounded at the hotel.

Authorities said Besigye and FDC leaders need a travel permit to enter Kasese.


As such, security surrounded Rwenzori International Hotel where FDC and People’s Government officials/leaders were holding a leadership training and audit and sensitising them on the meaning and application the year of Action 2019.

During the meeting, Kasese leaders reportedly identified 15 security operatives inside their hole including the District Internal Security Officer [DISO].

Bukonzo East MP Harold Muhindo pulled the lead on them saying they know they existed in the meeting but that he hopes they benefit from the training.



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