Police savagely ‘tortures’ pregnant activist over Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine and Nana

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine Thursday paid a visit to his dear friend and comrade in the struggle, Nalongo Nana Mbarikiwa who is in hospital.

Nana was admitted after being violently manhandled by a group of female and male police officers at the main entrance to the Uganda Police Force Headquarters in Naguru.

Ordinarily, Nana would have hit the streets to protest against the injustices of the police force- she has done this countless times.

However, Nana is 7 and a half months pregnant. So she decided to protest in a softer way.

Victoria University

She could not sit down and watch as the police and the military violate people’s rights- even when heavily pregnant.

“That is how much she detests injustice and impunity! So she made a trip to the Police Headquarters in Naguru with an intention of meeting the IGP or his deputy to inquire about why the police was illegally holding me under house arrest, and why the blatant abuse of rights by the police have only increased.”

She narrates that while she waited for clearance to access the police offices near the gate, a group of police officers jumped over her car and poured huge amounts of pepper spray and tear gas inside her car to force her out, just like they did to Bobi Wine on Monday.

During the process, two female police officers held her legs apart and each sat on one as they twisted them.

One pulled her shorts down and forced her hand between her legs. She yelled in pain and told them that they were killing her baby.

They squeezed even harder, while throwing obscenities at her- “deliver the baby from here!”

Another officer twisted her arm and almost broke it. The marks are still visible.

Others grabbed her heavy belly, trying to pull her out of the car which they finally did, before violently dropping her on the ground.

She fell on her back – vomiting, and then blacked out. When she regained consciousness, she was in hospital- her bed surrounded by armed police officers.

“Tortured in front of the police headquarters! Nana’s courage and resilience teaches us that this struggle is about sacrifice,” Bobi Wine said.

“These guys will many times do the unimaginable. It will be a hard, long and tedious process. But ultimately, it will end in victory. Each day ask yourself, “What am I doing to take this struggle forward?””

Bobi Wine hopes the officers involved in her brutalisation today have chance to listen to Afande, the song he dedicated to them.

Besigye visiting Nana

“I appreciate all comrades who have supported her in every way, and encourage all of us to support her and other comrades who are being illegally detained and tortured for peacefully protesting against impunity. Quick recovery soldier!!”

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye who also visited activist Nana Annet said she drove to Police Headquarters, Naguru to protest the continued detention of Hon Kyagulanyi at home.

“She was immediately grabbed by women police officers, taken inside and savagely brutalized!” Besigye said.

He added: “She was dumped unconscious at Iran-Uganda Hospital. She is 7 months pregnant.”

Besigye helped transfer her to Kampala Independent Hospital, where she is gradually being stabilised.

“For Police women to brutalise an expectant mum this way is horrifying indicator of the state of our Police force,” he said.



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