Uganda airlines will spend Shs258bn on jets flying in Tuesday

The jets in Canada

Uganda airlines first two bombardier jets will arrive in the country on Tuesday and start an era.

The Ministry of Works and Transport-Uganda, Uganda Professional Pilots’ Association and Civil Aviation Authority Uganda are all ready to receive the jets and commence operations.

The planes were handed over to the Ugandan delegation led by minister Monica Ntege Azuba on Tuesday at the Montreal facility in Canada.

The home of the new national airline will be at Entebbe International Airport.

Victoria University

The government will, therefore, need to readjust the proposed expansion plans and incorporate all the necessary blueprint for the airport to serve as a hub, according to Daily Monitor.

The newspaper reported that Uganda National Airlines will spend at least Shs258.5b on general operations in the first year of flying the national carrier.

The airline being revamped after it was grounded in 2001, will start flying aircraft for commercial business starting July.

The State minister for Transport, Aggrey Bagiire, told the Parliamentary Committee on Physical Infrastructure chaired by Nakifuma County MP Robert Ssekitolekothat the Airline has recruited 24 pilots, including Captains and first officers to fly the aircraft.

Under the general operations, funds will be spent on: Agents commission, distribution and corporate social responsibility costs, catering services, fuel, landing fees, airframe maintenance, navigation fees, insurance, training, and, advertising, among others.

Some of the planned expenses

Agents’ Commissions Shs9.34b

Distribution and CSR costs Shs8.7b

Catering services Shs11.7b

Fuel Shs59.2b

Airframe maintenance Shs8.18b

Navigation fees Shs12.8b

Landing fees Shs6b

Training Shs6.5b



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