Bashir moved to Kobar prison in Khartoum


By Reuters

Sudan’s deposed president Omar al-Bashir was moved to Kobar prison in the capital Khartoum late on Tuesday, two family sources said.

Sudanese sources had told Reuters that Bashir was being held under guard in a presidential residence following his removal by the military on April 11.

The African Union has threatened to revoke Sudan’s membership unless the country’s military establishes civil rule within 15 days.

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The union “strongly condemns and totally rejects the seizure of power by the Sudanese military and its plan to lead the transition for two years,” its Peace and Security Council said in a statement on Monday.

The AU expressed “deep concern” over the military takeover and its impact, urging the Sudanese military to “refrain from any act or statement that would further complicate the situation in the country and negatively affect regional security and stability.”

On Tuesday, Uganda said it was willing to offer Bashir asylum because he was a co-guarantor of the South Sudan peace talks.

Bashir is being held under tight security in solitary confinement, a source at the prison said.

Since his removal by the military last Thursday, Bashir had been detained under heavy guard in the presidential residence inside the compound that also houses the Defence Ministry, the family sources said.

The military ousted Bashir after weeks of protests against him that culminated in a sit-in outside the Defence Ministry compound that began on April 6. Protests are still going on despite his removal.

Awad Ibn Auf, who announced Bashir’s removal and said he was being detained in a “safe place”, stepped down as head of the ruling Transitional Military Council after only a day in the post.

Abdel Fattah al-Burhan now heads the council, which has promised to hold elections within two years.



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