Security starts registering all guns in Uganda


A joint security team is in the process of registering all guns in the country.

The team is comprised of UPDF, UPF, UPS, UWA, ESO, ISO working closely with relevant authorities.

So far, the team has registered all guns in the hands of the Police Force, Prisons service Private security and those privately licensed within Kampala metropolitan Area.

The team is concerned with capturing the data of each individual gun and marching this data with the holder, said police spokesperson, ACP Polly Namaye.

The team then forwards this data to the forensic experts for purpose of interpretation and storage using the Integrated Ballistics Identification Systems (IBIS).

It is important to note that individual guns have individual characteristics which differentiate them from others.

This will make the work of tracking guns easier after their use.

While Finger Printing, the team will fire bullets from each gun so as to get the unique characteristics.

“The public is encouraged not to be alarmed when they hear the sound of guns in the specific areas as we shall be informing you,” Namaye said.

Tomorrow 16th April 2019, the team will embark on registering guns in Katonga region.

The team is working to ensure that by the end of July, all guns under the Police Force, the Prisons services, private ownership as well those held by private security organisations will have been registered.



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