Besigye says emulating Jesus sinless life will end wars

Kizza Besigye speaking during Palm Sunday

People’s Government President Kizza Besigye, his Deputy President Erias Lukwago and Minister Kasibante Moses on Sunday attended a Thanksgiving Service for Jenny Lubega at Jerusalem CoU in Kasubi.

Jenny was honouring God for recovering from a life-threatening operation in Nairobi.

Ms. Lubega is one of the most committed FDC leaders from Rubaga.

He later attended Palm Sunday prayers at Our Lady of Good Counsel Gayaza Catholic Parish.

He was invited by Caritas to pray with the congregation at the Church as Christians around the world begin to observe the Holy Week towards Easter.

While addressing faithfuls, he implored them to renew the faith; reflect on Jesus’ sinless life and boundless love towards humanity.

“If we renewed our faith and changed our behaviours towards others, we would leave in peace and harmony.”

While beginning the Holy Week towards Easter, Besigye urged Ugandans to reflect on Jesus’ sinless life; boundless love and the sacrifice and suffering he undertook for humanity so that we can have a new life.

“God created us in his image. He told us to love our neighbour like we love ourselves. That’s why we have problems in our country because we failed to observe that.”

He went on: “That inborn evil in us is what Jesus came to end. He renews us and takes away all our sins. We must love our neighbours like we love ourselves.”

“If we observe that, our country will see no more wars and injustices. We need a renewed spirit,” he told parishioners.

Besigye then visited Caritas Gayaza Exhibition in Gayaza and inspected products produced or traded by various groups under the Gayaza Catholic Parish.

The products on exhibition included detergents, sanitary products, cooking gas, electrical products, food supplements, Herbicides, urban farming techniques, fruit trees and many others.

On top of modest contribution, he pledged to keep working with Caritas Gayaza to see that the group grows.



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