Teargas as police closes Jinja radio for hosting Besigye

Police sieges Besigye outside City Hotel

Police has Saturday closed Kiira radio [88.6 FM] in Jinja town for hosting People’s Government President Kizza Besigye.

In what he termed as a “Junta on the edge”, Besigye said policemen led by Jinja DPC invaded Kiira Fm Radio at 11am today; ordered the radio switched off; entered Studio and arrested his team, including FDC President Hon Amuriat.

“Outside the station, people overpowered police and rescued us to enter our vehicle! Struggle is on!!” Besigye explained.

He said an attempt to tow their vehicle out of Jinja failed twice today and they were able to move to Kirinya Road to talk to the people.

“Kirinya Rd people are unbwogable! We were there for two hours. Military re-enforcements made no difference! Thanks Jinja,” Besigye noted.

According to his aide, Ronald Muhinda, police fired teargas in the studios and City Hotel where Kiira FM is based and tear gassed people to tow Besigye’s car away.

Then midway, at a Junction, Besigye’s driver Fred Kato took one direction and the tow truck (break down) another. The chain broke.

Besigye took one route and the police and tow truck another. The people ran after the truck until it disappeared to Njeru using a wrong lane.

Besigye and Amuriat then disappeared from Police and went straight to the FDC base Kirinya Garage.

Police reached Kirinya but could not fire teargas. Instead the RPC reportedly ordered Besigye to address the people and leave the scene.

Year of action?

On April 11, police under the command of a one SP Chebene, the DPC Tororo district, arrested Amuriat and rushed him to jail.

He said police teargassed the people of Tororo for the entire day “not knowing that the Peoples’ Power can never be defeated”.

He said the people of Tororo and delegates from Bukedi refused to be intimidated and withstood police harassment.

The Tororo Chief Magistrate, Ms. Mastula Mulondo later released Amuriat on bail on condition of payment of Shs2m cash and Shs5m not cash for each of his two sureties.

“What happened should just be an energizer for our struggle. The other day one dictator Abdelaziz Bouteflika went, before that the centurion of Africa, Robert Mugabe went, today Omar El Bashir another dictator has left and I am sure that all those who choose to overstay in power, will go by the power of the people,” Amuriat said.



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